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New Brand. Noughty. The Haircare brand that refuses to behave.

Our mission was simple: to launch an all-natural hair-care brand for real women. Shaking up the category and building a distinctive brand story with lashings of personality.

In the last few years the natural beauty category has exploded. Women are increasingly aware of the damage the chemicals in many non-natural products can do to both their hair and the environment. BUT somewhere along the line the category started taking itself very, very seriously and stopped having fun. While the competition is busy being lacklustre, serious, and worthy - we identified a gap in the market - natural hair-care for a mass-market audience, that’s big on personality and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

We identified that our audience of savvy 25+ women are rejecting the ‘perfect’ and looking for an excuse to misbehave. They want to lead responsible, virtuous lives and do their bit for their hair and the environment. But they want to have fun while they’re at it too. It’s all about balance. Perfection with a healthy dollop of imperfection mixed in. Doing good gives us permission to be naughty – it’s called ‘moral licensing’.

That’s not some marketing nonsense, it’s a proven psychological concept. The idea is that if we believe we’ve been good, we allow ourselves some bad behaviour. Going on that diet tomorrow? Have an extra donut today. It’s a moral exchange we’re all familiar with, and something for Noughty to playfully leverage…Hair so good you can be Noughty! By having fun with the connection between virtue and ‘goodness’ we created a vibrant brand that's as playful and engaging as it is witty.

We invite women to throw off the shackles of suffocating perfection, to have their cake and eat it, while celebrating real women and their everyday lives. Our campaign included brand positioning and ID, web design, retail POS, digital and social, online and print advertising and video.

Noughty is on sale now across the UK in Boots and Superdrug, with global roll-out next on the agenda.

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