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Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Just over a year ago, we relaunched Gray’s Inn with a rebrand that elevated the organisation’s culture and its commitment to offering law students ‘more opportunities to make your mark.’ This week we go live with a video campaign series that illustrates that purpose in action.

Shot partly in lockdown (with strict adherence to social distancing guidelines), our campaign entitled, ‘Where will your Gray’s journey take you?’ focuses on a range of exciting opportunities for barristers at the Employed Bar and shows that there are many different paths to practice.

In separate interview films, we explore the extraordinary stories of five Gray’s Inn members. We speak to Charlie, a Major in the British Army, whose front-line role takes him all over the world. We speak to Claire, one of the UK's most senior prosecutors at the CPS, and also to Lady Hale, whose remarkable career includes becoming the first female President of the Supreme Court. Our objective in presenting this range of career paths, is to inspire the next generation of Gray's students to broaden their horizons. Ahead of the individual interviews, we launch with a dramatic montage film, presented in black and white to convey a sense of aspiration and gravitas.

From left to right: Charlie, Major in the Army Legal Services, MOD; Daniel Margolin QC, Partner at Joseph Hage Aaronson LPP; Gaynor Wood, General Counsel at CLS Group and Claire Lindley, Chief Crown Prosecutor for South London.

Prior to developing this campaign, our research had shown that when students think about becoming a barrister, they almost always assume a career at the self-employed Bar ie. practicing in a set of chambers, advocating in court and wearing the traditional wig and gown. Through this video series, we wanted to acknowledge that the world has changed and that attitudes within the profession need to keep pace. Gray’s Inn is very much ahead of the curve in this respect.

By raising awareness of the opportunities offered at the Employed Bar - from education, to the Armed Forces, to the commercial world - and by presenting less traditional career paths, we're encouraging more students to choose Gray’s and to follow in their footsteps.

Watch the launch montage video and the individual interviews on the Gray's YouTube channel here.

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