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Molton Brown Magic Mirror

It's holiday season and we're giving Molton Brown customers the chance to getaway through The Magic Mirror of Exploration. Using state of the art augmented-reality (AR) technology, the mirror offers an innovative in-store experience that puts the customer at the heart of the brand world.

The Magic Mirror of Exploration takes customers on a journey of discovery to explore the exotic ingredients featured in Molton Brown products. The experience begins on a full-length, AR touchscreen display that invites the customer to select an iconic bottle to discover one of four new fragrance blends. Each blend activates a unique interactive animation that is entirely controlled by the customer - ingredients burst from the bottle top and dance gracefully in the air, while music inspired by the location plays in the background. As the customer moves the bottle from side to side the ingredients follow and the choreography adapts. The journey ends with a souvenir video to share with family and friends on Facebook.

We set out to make Molton Brown customers feel the brand on an emotional level by conveying a real sense of wondrous travel and discovery. The result is a simple yet beautifully executed experience that is intensely rewarding.

The Magic Mirror of Exploration will be welcoming explorers at the Regent Street store and across the UK.

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