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Video Content

Video brings brands to life.

From live action films showcasing famous talent and documentary-style interviews, to fully animated films featuring characters we’ve created, we have a proven track record of creating video content that engages its audience and maximises views and shares.


Every film is an opportunity to bring audiences into your brand world, with bold, brave, evocative ideas that make audiences feel.


Our production process ensures every detail is meticulously planned, so that nothing is left to chance.

Production process

End-to-end Video Production



1. Concept Creation

Every piece of content starts out as a tight creative brief. We write that brief for our clients and in it we define our objectives, core messages and direction on how the brand looks and sounds. Ideas are always presented as detailed scripts, mood-boards and storyboards, with every frame of the action crafted in advance.


3. Shoot / Production

Whether it’s a live action shoot or an animated film, our experienced creatives will be making the micro-decisions needed to turn the creative concept into reality. Our producers are collaborative, calm under pressure and savvy trouble-shooters, ensuring that we always deliver on time and on budget. 


2. Pre-Production

Before a shoot, we prep and we plan. From finding the perfect location (could be anything from a football stadium to a pig farm), to sourcing talent (could be a stuntwoman, a voice artist, a dancer, or a beatboxer), to briefing the prop-makers, the make-up artist and the stylist, we are on it. All of the planning is presented at a pivotal pre-production meeting, so that everyone’s vision is aligned.


4. Post Production

The final stage of development is where everything comes together. We might be recording the voiceover, composing a music track and crafting sound design, editing footage, building CGI visual effects, adding copy supers or localising captions for international roll out, or all of these things. Every piece of content has its own unique challenges and with over 15 years of experience, we have the know-how to deliver brilliant results.

We can help you create engaging
video content.

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