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Northwood Rebrand. The Brighter Side of Property.

Property. For many people, the word alone is enough to send a shiver down their spines. From the cost and stress of buying a house, to the lawyers, to the endless hassle of trying to sell or rent it. Northwood are different. Whether you’re looking for a new home, or you’re a landlord investing for the first or fiftieth time, they believe in making the whole process exciting and uplifting.

When they approached Frontroom to help them stand out in this crowded marketplace, we built a distinctive brand story by focusing on the one thing that matters most: their customers. Our thinking was underpinned by the insight that property has the potential to mark a true step-change in life. A move to a better living space, or the next step in a burgeoning property empire. Property is actually about dreams and estate agents are dream makers. And yet fear and anxiety hold people back. What if the new house has subsidence? What if the new tenants don’t pay their rent? What if the property turns out to be a poor investment?

Fear-based advertising plays to this and is the sector norm, but fear-based advertising does not build brands. It doesn’t build engagement and likeability, it doesn’t help build long-term relationships, or encourage referrals. We took the opposite approach and literally welcomed everyone to "The brighter side of property”. In doing so we positioned Northwood as an optimistic, positive team of people who make property transactions exciting, uplifting and stress-free. Dream makers not time wasters.

Our integrated, nation-wide campaign included everything from digital banners to Facebook, radio, print and outdoor. And the results? A powerful new positioning, massively improved brand awareness and an online campaign that tripled responses: delivering +12,000 click throughs and over 600 business leads.

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