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Carluccio's Rebrand

Our latest pitch win puts Carluccio's customers at the heart of the brand by tapping into deep-rooted desires to experience a richer, more fulfilling, more meaningful life. In a world of frantic, fast-paced change and gimmicky new restaurant concepts, the timeless appeal and vibrancy of Italian living offers universal appeal and resonance.

Carluccio's was already renowned for its quality ingredients, heritage and authenticity. Our brand now presents these core strengths in a fresh, exciting way.

"We celebrate the simple things ​in life that are really the big things."

Good food, good conversation, good times and the positive energy that happens when friends come together to share a meal. Breaking away from clichéd ideas of Italian ‘pizza and pasta’ dining the new brand introduces a fresh vibrancy and wit. Rolling out across in-restaurant communications and online activity, it brings the founder Antonio Carluccio's charm, passion and warmth firmly back to the heart of the brand.

The new brand is now in place in their Spitalfields Square restaurant, complete with a new menu and new interior design. A phased rollout across the full estate is underway.

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