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Brand Identity

Creating a distinctive identity for your business.

Consistent articulation of your brand is important. Presentation matters. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to fuel recognition, amplify impact and convey the substance of what you stand for. 

From naminglogo design, colour-ways and graphics to the words we use, typography, photography and the tone of voice, we craft all the components you need to tell your brand story beautifully. 


Your brand name is important. It’s the opportunity to make a strong first impression, kick-starting audience awareness and understanding of who you are and what makes you special.


Our approach is to balance a whopping dose of creativity and lateral thinking, with a healthy respect for legality. Securing the appropriate trademark and copyright protections is just as important as creating wow factor.


Whether your name points to a unique selling point, a customer benefit, or something else entirely will depend upon your business objectives. Whatever your particular strategy, a great name provides the springboard for everything from logo design to advertising campaigns.


Iconic Logo Design

A logo is not a brand. But every brand needs a logo. And a distinctive logo is the single-most important component of your brand identity.

Whether wordmark, emblem or picture-based, we craft each of our logos to elevate the unique personality and values of your brand story.


A logo must work hard, making an impact in the small, square formats dictated by social media, whilst simultaneously inspiring attention-grabbing animations and brand stings for use in your videos and digital ads.

Iconic logo design
Visual identity

Tone of Voice

Visual Identity

Successful brands have a distinctive character and personality – a unique voice, that shines through in every interaction and in every piece of communication.

Defining your tone of voice is about setting out how you communicate with consistency across every touchpoint. The words you choose, the perspective you take and the tone of delivery, that brings your humanity alive.

Every story can be told in a number of ways. We make sure that we tell yours in a way that’s packed with personality, to build rapport with your audience and stand out from the crowd.

What does your brand look like? Do your communications look appealing? Or do they need a refresh?

For a brand to thrive in a digital world it needs visual impact. It must capture attention fast.


Colourways. Fonts. Typography. Illustration. Graphics. Shapes. Photography. Icons. Our design team optimises every element in the best way to express your brand story. We create a powerful and consistent visual language to ensure your brand story is noticed and remembered.

We can help you develop a distinctive brand identity.

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