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The female perspective

The female perspective.

We're specialists in marketing to women.

With two female founders, we have a fresh perspective on many of the marketing challenges and opportunities that businesses face today. We look at the world through a female lens and we see things differently.



We can help you connect and engage with more women.

We see a world of missed potential.

Women are the alpha-consumers of our planet – over 85% of all direct purchases are made by women. And even when we’re not the primary purchasers, our sphere of influence is extensive - we wield the twin powers of persuasion and veto.


But despite women doing the majority of buying, brands are consistently falling short. Most agency creatives and strategists, CEOs, marketing directors and product designers are men, so brands and products are being created in a dominant male culture, resulting in one-dimensional ways of working, modes of thinking and points of view.

It’s no great surprise therefore to learn that 91% of women say advertisers don’t understand them and seven in ten women feel “alienated” by the advertising they’re served.

Creating bold, beautiful change.
Wow means surprise and disruption. Recognising and challenging the old ways, being open to discover fresh insights and being committed to standing out from the crowd, not fitting in.

Based on what we know about how women think, shop and behave, we’ve developed an innovative series of principles that underpin our creative ideas and ensure that when we tell your brand story, we’re forging powerful relationships with more of your target audience. 


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