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Frontroom unleashes HOT MOVES! campaign for Fever Slots!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Hot off the press! Our latest campaign for mobile gaming brand, Fever Slots, launches today.

To support the brand’s sponsorship of Virgin Media in Ireland, Frontoom was briefed to develop a series of entertaining sponsorship idents to boost brand awareness and recall.

Virgin Media Television reaches 1.4 million viewers daily and 2.7 million viewers weekly – a massive 62% of Ireland’s TV population. The sponsorship package covers three channels: Virgin Media One, Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Three. Rather than sponsoring one show and developing the creative hook around that, our challenge was to create bumpers that could work effectively across a wide range of different programmes across all three channels.

We took inspiration from the idea that we all get ready before settling down to watch our favourite TV shows. We make a cuppa, grab a snack. In our ‘Hot Moves!’ campaign, we show different people performing their own unique moves in a way that’s warm, upbeat and entertaining. It’s a simple idea, delivered with impact.

The next phase of the campaign will be to look at a TV advertising campaign to further our strategy to boost customer awareness and drive new customer acquisition. Check back in soon for more campaign details and results!

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