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Frontroom is an independent creative agency that specialises in engaging female consumers. In this eBook we look at the world of beauty marketing from the consumer's perspective. It’s a confusing place awash with complex product claims. In this sea of sameness, how can beauty brands build the emotional connections that drive loyalty?


We urge brands to unlock the power of purpose – the all-important differentiator that will elevate your brand above your rivals.

This thought piece contains:

• Beauty marketing analysis

• Purposeful beauty brand examples

• Female audience insights

• Brand purpose defined

• The 5 categories of purpose

• Finding your ‘WHY’

• The pitfalls


As specialists in engaging female consumers, our eBook is an introduction to the building blocks you need to find your brand’s purpose, so you can better connect with the world’s most powerful consumers.

We won't share your details with any bots, just our talented team who are keen to help you.

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